We are busy making plans for the new year. Without revealing too much information, we do have some big things in the works. Our plan is to open a brick and mortar store by the beginning of summer next year. We are in the process of getting things in order, the boring stuff of crossing t’s and dotting i’s until the fun can begin. What we hope to create is a place that draws on artistic talent from a wide array of sources. We want our 10+ years of experience working and playing next to amazing artists to come in handy when choosing how to fill our space. We will definitely be representing local Portland artists as well as talented handmade artisans from all over the country. We want to represent as much diversity as possible with an emphasis on the unique and unusual work that you might not come across on the daily. For right now, it feels like a dream still, but we are a lot closer than we were just weeks ago. We will keep everyone posted…until then…a girl can dream.

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